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Take a Leap into the Future

BRD Grips motto has always been to bring a truly innovative grip to the golfer. Technically it is "Take a leap into the future", one big metaphor to renovate an accessory that has

stayed the same for decades.

The initial idea was to design just a one layer grip with an innovative look and a two-tone texture for a higher tackiness. Of course we looked for the space to bend the rules and worked hard on the polymer and its double-layer construction to assure the golfers, especially to those who have high swing speeds and suffer the vibrations the most, a comfort, a soft feel and a shock-absorption like never before.

So technically it's still a golf grip, but has nothing to do with all the grips you've ever played before.

c/o BRD Grips - Since 2016 - Italy

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Via Borchi 16,Prato, PO, 59100, Italy

Phone: +39 3421989643


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